Bouteflika is gone!

Bouteflika is gone!

I know this is not a daily new, because he resigned on May, 5th.

But it is worth to write on this, for his mandate was so long…

He was seeking re-election for a fourth mandate.

But before the popular protests when the new was announced, he was finally obliged to resign.

Moreover, all men close to his power have been arrested.

I write this according to Algerian papers, dated of May, 5th.

In these men close to his power, we can count his brother, Saïd Bouteflika, who was his man of confidence.

More important in Algeria, we can add former members of the army. This matters because in Algeria the  real power is founded on the army.

“Toufik” and “Tartag” were not only retired generals. They had been  at the head of the Secret Services Agency.

So, the arrest is this of men of power.

Both “Toufik”and “Tartag” were arrested for high treason, and for having undermined the  authority of the army.

Of course, the night when Bouteflika resigned,Algerians were enthusiastic.

And they took the streets of the capital to show this enthusiasm, wrapped in the national flag.

Why it matters?

First, because Bouteflika has ruled the country for decennial.

Second, because the falling of members of the army is a decisive symbol.

In effect, the army rules Algeria, wich is a military dictatorship, since its Independence in 1962.

Third, the same for the Secret Services, well known for their bad reputation among Algerians.

Fourth, with the President and his close men, fell all his mafia, all his clan.

To sum up, a whole system fell with the President.

Can we hope in it a path to freedom in Algeria?

Analysts are divided on the question.

Here we must recall that the same political party governs the State since 1962. It is the National Liberation Front, in French FLN.

I sincerely hope.

By their repeated protests, Algerians provoked the falling of a Presidency established  since decennial.

Moreover, members of  the army fell with it.

This really matters.

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