Join the campaign to #Free Nazanin

On Twitter, the hashtag #Free Nazanin is permanent.

I have not untitled this post #Free Nazanin , because it is not the main goal of this post.

But if you want to be efficient, tweet yourself.

Moreover, sign and share the petition of .

Here is the link:

It has been created by her husband, Richard Ratcliffe, since now a while.

But it is still available.

I recall that Nazanin is a bi-national . She is British by her marriage, but Iranian by origin.

Actually,  she is still detained in Iran.

Despite all forms of activism, the Iranian authorities keep her jailed.

The reason why? In fact, she just went to Iran to see her relatives.

In this, there is no delict.

But she was hijacked at the Tehran airport, without knowing  why.

Now, years have passed.

And she is still in jail.

This is why I ask you to join the campaign in  favor of her liberation.

This campaign has many forms. In the UK, people demonstrate before the Iranian embassy.

If you are not in the UK, like me, protest by:

First, tweet #Free Nazanin,

Second, sign the petition

Third, share it on your social networks to encourage others to sign.

I did the three actions.

And I wrote posts for her release.

This one is just to remember the existence of the petition.

In effect, people tweet, but they no more sign it.

Activism requires to do the three.

The freedom of a woman is at stake.

And , with her freedom, the happiness of a whole family.

This of her husband, and of her kids.

I will sum up:

#Free Nazanin.

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