As the Ramadan is close, don’t forget Raif Badawi

Don’t forget to protest for Raif Badawi’s release.

I say  this because in the breaking news, his cause has been forgotten.

However on Twitter, people still protest for his liberation; I am part of them.

The hashtags are #Free Raif, #Royal Pardon 4 Raif, and #Stop Lashing Raif.

I invite you to tweet in his favor.

Moreover, if you are Muslim, like me, think  we will enter a period of well-doing, the Ramadan.

In effect, the imprisonment of Raif Badawi on the pretext of insulting Islam is false.He is only in favor of a liberal one, unlike this of Saudi Arabia.

For this reason , his blog has been destroyed  by the Saudi authorities. The “Saudi Liberals” cannot exist in a country where the “sharia”  (Islamic Law) is so strong.

For this only ,  blogging, he has been sentenced to jail and public lashing every Friday, after the Friday Prayer.

So, if you are a supporter of free expression, protest for Raif Badawi’s release.

If you cannot find a demonstration where you live, tweet for him.

And don’t  forget to sign the petition of Amnesty. It is still active.

But most of the demonstrations are in Canada, for his wife moved to Canada.You can follow her on Twitter, as I do.

Because she is very aggressive in her opposition to the imprisonment of her husband, she organizes protests in Canada.

She has written a book in support of his freedom.

In effect, being jailed only for blogging is a pure denial of justice.

We all  know that there is no freedom of expression in Saudi Arabia; all dissents are silenced by jail, without  a fair trial.

Since 2010, people demonstrate for the liberation of Raif Badawi.This one is dated of 2014.

Rome, Italy. 9th January 2014 — Protestors with masks of Raif Badaw, protesting against the request of the death penalty and calling for the release of blogger. — Sit-in in front of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia to protest against the execution and ask for the immediate release of journalist and blogger Saudi Raif Badawi imprisoned on charges of apostasy.

This is my demonstration: there is none where I live.

So, I host it on my website.

As a blogger for human rights , I  write this short post to defend a  blogger who is unjustly condemned.

Amnesty International activists protest with a placard reading ‘No flogging for blogging’ against the flogging punishment of Saudi blogger Raif Badawi on January 29, 2015 in front of Saudi Arabia’s embassy to Germany in Berlin. The 30-year-old Saudi has been sentenced to 1,000 lashes for insulting Islam and is serving a 10-year jail term – a case which has drawn widespread international criticism. AFP PHOTO / TOBIAS SCHWARZ

If you are not a blogger, what you can do to support Raif Badawi:

First, attend a protest if there is one nearby you live.

Second, tweet for him. I gave you the hashtags to use.

I will sum up:

#Free Raif.




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