#Free Ahmed

#Free Ahmed.

Ahmed Mansoor is now jailed since 7 years.

Recently, he has been denied the right to see his family; so, he went on hunger strike.

I recall you that he has been arrested without arrest warrant.

Before his arrest, he  was a lawyer and a human rights activist in his country, the UAE.

And he never had the right to a fair trial.

So, these 7 years of imprisonment are a pure denial of justice.

This is a very short post, but I write it to invite you to join the Twitter campaign  in his favor. It is organized by @CLuna27.

What you can do for Ahmed Mansoor:

First, sign the petition for his release on the site of the UAE.

Second, tweet #Free Ahmed.

Third, follow the account of the UAE on Twitter to support freedom in this region.

Fourth, follow @CLuna27 and read his blog, wich is focused on human rights , as mine.

We both fight for the same causes.

There is no more conclusion that: #Free Ahmed.



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