Impeach Trump now

Across the USA, protests are numerous against Trump’s policy.

They are since his Muslim Ban and his reversal of the DACA.

But now the Mueller Report on his election is released.Mueller report

The suspicion of Russian hacking in his election is confirmed.

So, now, people demonstrate to ask for Impeachment.

This procedure can only begin if the Democrats in Congress begin it.

And it is precisely what the protesters demand.

Now that the proof of a Russian collusion is clear, the Impeachment can begin.

We must recall that the 25th Amendment is only available in case of treason.

It was the case of Nixon ; so, he resigned, after the investigation of the inquirers of the ” Washington Post”.

Unlike this, Trump tweets regularly that these proofs of collusion are false.

He absolutely wants to finish his mandate.

But Americans are eager  to make him leave the power.

Even if the 2020 elections are close, and even if Democrats have a chance to win them, they want Trump leave the Presidency in the shame of Impeachment.

On Twitter, there is an account named @Need to Impeach.

And the hashtag #Impeach  45 is viral these last days.

As I usually write and tweet for the Middle-East, I realized that the American elections and the Impeachment are more important now on the social network.

Of course, I will continue to blog for human rights in the Middle-East.

But it is very important to impeach Trump.

After the release of the Mueller Report, we cannot hide the truth.

And as human rights in the Middle-East, they will be better without a war mongerer like Trump.

Yes, Impeach Trump now.

Truth is told.

Democrats in Congress must act in consequence.

Trump is unfit to be President; now, we know this officially.

If he is not impeached, demonstrations will continue until the 2020 elections.

#Impeach 45.




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