Let’s praise now Obama

As the 2020 elections are close, let’s praise now Obama for his Presidency.

In effect, his famous measure “Obama care” gave medical protection to all Americans. It was the first time.

He saved Social Security, and protected “Roe versus Waden”, wich is the right to abortion.

Now, with the Trump’s Presidency, we must recall that Obama had a policy in favor of Blacks, Muslims, and Native Americans.

The Medicare allowed the poorest to have a health protection.

He belongs now to the most liked Presidents of the USA.

Concerning foreign policy, he promised to end the Iraqi War, this War without end.

As far as I am concerned, I know Iraq invaded since I was a teen and a student.

He passed the DACA, wich permits to children with relatives in the USA to ask for asylum.

This was particularly good if we think of the actual situation of the Middle-East.

People living under dictatorships, such as in Iran and Syria, could find a safe shelter in the US territory.

Moreover, he promised to close Gitmo, this horror which dates of the  “War to Terror”  of the Bush administration.

Years after 9/11, Gitmo has nothing to do. It must be closed.

The election of Trump did not let him time for these two last promises.

The Iraqi War is still existing, and Gitmo is still open.

Unlike Trump, he thought to the poorest.

Trump is the President of the 1°/°.

For this reason, he does not represent the USA.

His tantrum to build a Wall at the Mexican border is pure racism.

Moreover, he reversed most of Obama’s policy.

The DACA does not more exist.

Instead of this, children in search of asylum are imprisoned.

#Children In Cages.

Trump is a theat for Roe Versus Waden, and women protest for this reason.

He reversed the Medicare, too.

Concerning Blacks and Native Americans, the first are victim of racism. The second have their lands in danger, because Trump wants to seek oil in their sacred territories.

As for Muslims, we all know the famous “Muslim Ban”; it forbids the USA to all refugees from the Middle-East.

As  for his foreign policy,Trump is a war mongerer. His decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel created a real mess in Palestine.

We have now in Palestine two extremists: Netanyahu and the Hamas. The Two States solution is dead now.

Yes, as the 2020 elections are close, the comparison is clearly in favor of Obama.

People demonstrate  against Trump. I put one of this on my header.

Let’s praise now Obama for his legacy.


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