ISIS is quasi defeated, but not Assad

The defeat of ISIS is a hot issue.

For the USA, its defeat is clear.

But according  to Syrian sources, this defeat is only partial.  The Caliphate has still a territory in Baghouz, which is a threat for civilians.

The Islamic State continues to make casualties. The Syrian Network for Human Rights , in its last report , counts 11°/° of dead by the Islamic State.


If you read regularly this blog, you know that I don’t trust Western media. I trust Syrian ones, for I am a supporter of the Syrian Revolution.

On March, 23,  the Syria Awareness Campaign published on its site a video of the falling of ISIS. It was of Skynews. You can see it here :

Even the United Nations have recognized that ISIS is still a threat for Syrians. In effect, jihadists remain in Syria.

The FSA are obliged to fight them. This photo is a FSA fighter with arms left by ISIS in Raqqa.

Meanwhile, they fight Assad. With the support of Iran and Russia, and the US withdrawal, Assad is stronger than ever.

Assad regularly shells Idlib and Khan Sheikhoun, the last nests of resistance to him.

Please tweet #Eyes On Idlib  to show your support to the Revolutionaries. I do . And follow the  accounts of the Syrian Network for Human Rights, this of the Syria Awareness Campaign and this of Eyes On Idlib.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights publishes updates on the situation in Syria.Citizen_Ahmad_Jnaid_has_been_forcibly_disappeared_since_2012_en

By it, we know the crimes committed  by Assad and his accomplices.

Assad is responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

Despite the international condemnation of his crimes, he continues.

The UN is not aggressive  facing him because of the Russian vetoes.

As I write these very few lines, he bombs Idlib .

Syrians are obliged to flee to the close countries, such as Lebanon.

Recently, they have suffered of a heavy rain, a quasi storm of rain, while living under tents. This, because of Assad’s crimes.

Please, support Syrian refugees. You can give for them to two organizations: Syria Charity, and, of course, the UNHCR.

The situation in Syria now is complex: ISIS is not completely defeated, and Assad  continues his crimes.

Share this post: I wrote it for Syrians suffering both of ISIS and of Assad.

And keep your eyes on Idlib.

#Eyes On Idlib.



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