Hatred, naked

Hatred, naked.

Yes, we can say this about the growing Islamophobia worldwide.

Moreover, I write this short post because personally I live amidst this one.

I am Muslim, and I learn Arabic for my job. As you can see , I blog for the Arab world.

Furthermore, I have Arab friends: my houseworker is Moroccan, and together we speak Arabic.

Sadly, I live in a building where inhabitants are racist and can’t bear Muslims.

So, I suffer myself in my daily life of Islamophobia.

At the beginning, they slammed when I prayed. But , as it was without effect, now they put their washing machine at night, after midnight.

As a consequence of this behavior, I can’t sleep enough, and have now troubles to work.

Sleep deprivation is very hard to endure.

I am eager to move from this flat, and from this neighborhood.

In effect, the whole neighborhood is racist.

I am to buy a flat close to a mosque, and am only looking for the selling of my actual one.

The flat I live in, I rent it. I can leave it when I want. But my own one is not sold; so, I have to endure this racism and this Islamophobia.

This behavior is a delict.

In France, freedom of expression is guaranteed by the Constitution. It is the equivalent of the American 1st Amendment.

But, unlike in the USA, we don’t have a Muslim Ban.

This Muslim Ban , voted under Trump’s influence, is a disaster for all American Muslims.

Demonstrators in support of the immigration rules implemented by U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration, rally at Los Angeles international airport in Los Angeles, California, U.S., February 4, 2017. REUTERS/Ringo Chiu – RC1BB0293000

I am very happy to know that protests are numerous against it.

And I sincerely hope that the new Congress and the new President, after the 2020 elections, will repeal it.

In effect, this Muslim Ban is contrary to the 1st Amendment.

I often write to speak out for freedom of expression of others.

Here, I want to say that ALL religions are equal before the law.

Nobody should be prosecuted for his religion.

Nobody should have to suffer of hatred for this.

Here is my own protest against racism and Islamophobia.

It is violent, I know it, but forgive me: I live amidst of them.

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