Syria: the war on Twitter

Since yesterday, a war is raging on Twitter about Syria.

I have personally being accused of supporting Assad!

Today, it was the same!

The network is full of Assad’s  trolls.

People accuse others to stand for Assad, as they stand for the Revolution.

For my part, I support the Syrian Revolution since its beginning in 2011.

I often write for Syria, to tell my support.

It is unbearable to be accused of supporting Assad.

This man is responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

I want to send Assad to the ICC in The Hague to be judged for all these crimes, and condemned.

I have tweeted to Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter,  to remove Assad’s trolls.

I think it is the best solution.

The social network must be what it was: a tool of sharing news; a meaning of discussing.

It must not be a tool of defamation.

I have being defamed.

Yes, I have been.

I will never support Assad.

I will always support the Syrian Revolution.

Jack Dorsey must remove these trolls.

If you are, too, the victims of this war, please tweet to Jack Dorsey to put an end to it.

The Syrian Revolution is grave enough.

It is not worth to add fire on fire.

Please stand for the Syrian Revolution.

Please tweet your indignation.

Twitter is not a battlefield.

It is a social network.

It must stay this.

Enough with the trolls.

Enough with defamation.




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