Yemen, YOUR indifference kills them !

Today I blog for Yemen.

The Yemeni War is old now of 4 years, and it is forgotten.

Yes, Yemen is forgotten by the world.

Unlike this, the United Nations had declared Yemen the worst humanitarian crisis of 2019.

This is the reason I write this short post.

I want to speak out before the indifference of the world facing this crisis.

Yemeni die daily and nobody care.

Of course, the victims are the most vulnerable: kids are the main ones.

Since now 4 years, Yemeni die of starvation and of an epidemics of cholera.

Meanwhile, media are focused on breaking news.

Saudi Arabia has powerful weapons to bomb Yemen.

All Western countries are accomplices in this massacre, by selling arms to Saudi Arabia.

Personally, I am ashamed that my own homeland sells weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Against this, Amnesty issued a petition .

You can tweet, too, your leaders, your shame and revolt.

This war could end if the world care.

But the US Senate voted against a motion wich should have finished this horror.

I say “horror”, because I can’t bear thinking of a whole population dying in a perfect indifference.

I have written other posts against the Yemeni War, but this worldwide indifference is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Think just one minute: what should be your reaction if it happened in YOUR country?

Would you be happy of this silence?

Remember always: silence kills.

I have written a post untitled “Silence Is A Weapon of Mass Destruction”.

Yes, in the case of Yemen, YOUR silence is a weapon of mass destruction.

So, sign the petition of Amnesty against the selling of weapons to Saudi Arabia. Then, share it on your social networks.

Tweet your leaders.

Tweet the United Nations.

By being bystanders, you kill Yemeni.

In these Yemeni, you kill kids.

Don’t be silent.

Unlike this, be aggressive.

Don’t forget Yemen, as did the World.

To sum up, don’t participate to this silent slaughter.

As for me, I know that I will be criticized because I didn’t write for Syria.

But human rights matter worldwide.

I blog for Syria, for Palestine, for Bahrain.

I blog whereever human rights are violated.

Today I want to tell my indignation before the silence of the world towards Yemen.

Don’t let this country die in silence.

Don’t forget Yemeni.

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