Gaza under attack

Once more, Gaza is under attack.

Palestinians undertook a “Great March Return” to their homeland.

This means that they came massively to Palestine from whom they were expelled by Israel.

But, as usual, Israel sent the army to shoot on the demonstrators.

Moreover, the Israeli soldiers shoot with real balls.

They killed Palestinians of this “Great March Return”.

In the casualties, are kids.

Of course, I write these few lines in support to Palestinians.

I do this because on Twitter yesterday I participated to a conversation with Palestinians ; I promised them to write for them.

From their part, they organized a fundraising in support of the wounded .

But I don’t have actually enough money to give to this fundraising.

I answered I will write to show my support.

This is my participation to their cause.

For this, I was treated of antisemitic.

I am not.

Here , I affirm strongly that there is a difference between antisemitism and Zionism.

As a Muslim, I respect other religions. In the Qur’an, they are called “people of the Book”.

“People of the Book”, for non-Muslim, are Jews and Christians. They are so-called because Gabriel revealed them the Divine Law.

As for Zionism, it is to support the Israeli State.

Must I recall that this State has for origin the “Balfour Declaration”, signed in 1917?Balfour Declaration, Foreign Office, 1917

Most people think that Israel exists because of WWII, and the “Nakba” (in Arabic, “disaster”) of 1948.

Unlike this, the Israeli State was founded in 1917 by the “Balfour Declaration”.

It recognized a right to Jews to a homeland.

It is the complement of the “Sykes-Picot Agreements”, signed in 1916, wich shaped the Middle-East until now.Sypes Picot agreements link of the map, docx

What we are attending are the clash of these agreements in all Arab countries.

It is the same in Palestine. Palestinians want to have the land they were deprived of in 1917.

1948, and then all Israeli attacks such as “Cast Lead” were only the continuation.

In the Gaza Strip, Palestinians live in a camp , closed by a fence. It is overcrowded. In fact, it is a prison.

Israel shoots on them at the first occasion.

Once more, yesterday and now, Gaza is under attack.

It is because it is the right of Palestinians to want their homeland back.

Of course, in the public opinion, Gaza is synonym of stones thrown  at the Israeli .

In fact, Gaza is not only the “war of stones” remembered by the opinion.

It is a territory stolen by Israel to the first inhabitants.

The “Great March Return” was to express this right to a homeland.

Israel reacted by shooting on Palestinians.

It is true that now Israel is stronger. Trump supports the Israeli policy whatever happens.

He decided to made of Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

He tweeted his support to the Israeli strikes on Golan Heights in Syria.

As Israel is so strong now, it feels it can do whatever it wants.

Even shooting on the Gaza Strip.

Even shooting with real balls on teens.

Yes, once more , Gaza is under attack. And it is with the full support of the USA.

Their policy matters in this region.

I hope the next American President won’t support the attacks on Palestinians.

As every people , they have a right to a homeland.

The existence of the Gaza Strip, closed by a fence, is a shame for the international community.

Killing protesters of the Gaza Strip is another one.

Yes, once more, Gaza is under attack.




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