Assad to the ICC for all his crimes

#Assad 2 The ICC.

This is a hashtag I created against Assad’s crimes.

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Since now two days, the Syrian National Coalition and the Syrian Network for Human Rights call to send Assad to the ICC.

They call to international leaders to help them in this.

In effect, the Syrian Network for Human Rights published a letter to the ICC signed by more of 40 Syrian organizations.ICC_Juridical_mandate_on_war_crimes_committed_in_Syria_en

In this letter, they ask  to the ICC to hold Assad accountable for war crimes.

But Assad is not only responsible for war crimes. He is also for crimes against humanity and genocide.

First, let’s examine war crimes: he has bombed and starved civilians. This means he has violated the Geneva Conventions.Conventions de Genève 1949 et protocoles

In effect, according to the Geneva Conventions, all civilians must be protected during a war.

Secondly, he is responsible for crimes against humanity. He has tortured and practiced enforced disappearance :13_media_workers_have_been_killed_in_Syria_since_the_start_of_2018_,SNHR, May, 7, 2018 ; 15_individuals_died_due_to_torture_in_Syria_in_November_2018_en 17_people_were_killed_by_torture_in_Syria_in_May_2018_SNHR, June, 3d, 2018, , 89_individuals_died_due_to_torture_in_Syria_in_June_2018_, ,July, 3, 2018, 198_died_due_to_torture_in_Syria_in_8_2018_en

The first cases of enforced disappearance were quasi at the beginning of the Revolution.

We can have on the issue very trustable information by the Syrian Network for Human Rights, wich raises awareness on Assad’s crimes.Citizen_Ahmad_Jnaid_has_been_forcibly_disappeared_since_2012_en Citizen_Hussam_Ramadan_has_been_forcibly_disappeared_since_2015_en Citizen_Ibrahim_Fares_has_been_forcibly_disappeared_since_2014_en Citizen_Mohannad_Omar_has_been_forcibly_disappeared_since_2012_en

Third,Assad is responsible for a genocide. He has deliberately exterminated his own people.Amnesty Syria ENGLISH

By doing this, he has won the major part of Syria now, save Idlib and its governorate.

But he wants to slaughter Idlib as he did of the rest of Syria.

As a proof of that, the opposition recently found mass graves in Raqqa.

Yes, really, Assad deserves to be sent to the ICC.

Save the photo of the header, all photos all this post are property of the Syrian National Coalition.

But the ICC made sometimes grave mistakes. In January, Laurent Ghagbo has been innocent of all the crimes against humanity he committed in Ivory Coast.

He is now released.gbagbo-goudeEng

As I write these few lines, I am so sorry and ashamed to write this!

I wrote other posts to support the idea to send Assad to the ICC.

Assad is a butcher, like his father. Syrians flee their country. The photo of the header is this of Syrian refugees.

The ICC is the only thing he deserves.

When he be judged, there will be a hope of a political transition in Syria.

In clear, a hope of democracy. What Syrians want since 2011.

In effect, the first path is  sending Assad to the ICC.

But I strongly hope he will be condemned, unlike Laurent Ghagbo.

Please, if you support the Syrian Revolution, follow the Syrian Network for Human Rights on Twitter.

Tweet #Assad War Crimes.

And you can RT my own tweet: #Assad 2 The ICC.

Hoping that the ICC condemns him, unlike the President of the Ivory Coast.


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