#Eyes On Idlib ,under bombs once more

#Eyes On Idlib.

The city is once more time under bombs.

As I write these few lines, civilians of the towns are under Russian and Assad’s strikes.

They can die at every minute . Even schools are targeted . Kids can be killed.

I write this in a hurry.

The reason of these strikes? Idlib is the last nest of resistance to Assad.

So, Assad and his allies bomb the town and its governorate.

According to the Syrian Network for Human Rights, the bombing have made casualties: at least 16 persons have lost their live in the shelling. It began on February, 18th.

Moreover, the strikes were not only on Idlib , but also on Hama and Khan Sheikhoun.

What are the reactions before these bombing?

Trump did not react as the strikes were also on Golan Heights, a part of Syria  wich was annexed by Israel during the 6 Days War .

Unlike this, supporters of the Syrian Revolution, whom I am part of, tweet in favor of Idlib.

The hashtag is #Eyes on Idlib.

So, I have chosen this as a title for my post.

In some towns, people demonstrate against these shelling, and show their support to Idlib.

Since 2011 up to now, there is a genocide in Syria.

Assad is responsible for it.

Time to end it .

Time for a political transition without Assad.

Time to send Assad to the ICC.

But the emergency now is Idlib.

Please if you care tweet  #Eyes On Idlib , and share this post.

I wrote it in support of civilians of Idlib.


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