Indifference is a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Indifference is a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

I affirm it strongly here.

I have created this blog from scratch to spread the world on human rights violations. And I have noticed my posts were not shared on Twitter.

Even those who like them don’t share them.

Meanwhile, Syrians and Iranians are struggling for their freedom.

Yemeni are dying of starvation and cholera.

In Saudi Arabia, Raif Badawi and the Saudi Activists remain in jail.

In Bahrain, Nabeel Rajab is, too, in prison.

I write for them.

I write in hope to raise awareness on their fate.

I have dedicated this blog to this.

But I realize it is useless.

Noam Chomsky is right when he writes in Who Rules the World? that  the opinion is shaped by media.

Now, people don’t find news in dailies, but on Twitter, but it’s the same.

Why writing for human rights?

People don’t share my posts. It means they are are not interested in human rights violations.

They are bystanders.

I stop here.

I am in anger.




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