Algeria: Bouteflika for ever?

Algerian President  Bouteflika is seeking re-election.

If elected, it would be his 4th mandate!

Algerians are fed up of his Presidency.

So , on March, 19th, they went to the streets in protest .

They had banners showing their discontent.

In it, we can see that the power of the people is stronger than this of a President governing without the will of his population.

In effect, I read regularly Algerian dailies such as “El Watan” and “Liberté Algerie”, and there is no freedom in this country. Particularly, no freedom of expression.

Unlike the other countries of the Arab World, there had been no Revolution in 2011 in Algeria.

There is an explanation to this phenomenon: the last great protest against the power, wich could be named a “Revolution”, in 1988, was a massacre .

It was the beginning of the “Dark Years” of the 1990, these of the terrorist attacks of the APG (GPA in French).

Before this discontent, Bouteflika announced that he will not seek re-election, but prolongs his actual mandate indefinitely.

To sum up, it is the same for Algerians.

They will have Bouteflika for President without end.

What is the perspective of a democracy in Algeria?

This is the reason why they revolted .

As other people of the Arab world, they want democracy.

All photos are property of  the French paper “France Info”.

All banners are in French, the second language of Algeria, with Arabic.

Algeria was a French colony until its Independence in 1962.

The obstacle to democracy  is Bouteflika.

Bouteflika for ever?

Bouteflika until he dies?

Yes, the man is old now.  There are doubts on his mental capacities.

Algerians deserve better than to be governed by a corpse, or a quasi  corpse, a man without his entire mental capacities.