On March, 14th, Pen America awarded the Saudi Activists

On March, 14th, Pen America awarded the Saudi Activists.

I am ashamed to announced this new so late, but I had no time before.

It is a very good new because they are imprisoned now since a while. Since mid-May, they are detained in an unknown location, according to Amnesty USA.Amnesty USA on the Saudi Activists, March, 18th, 2019

They are three women, , Loujain Al Hathloul, Iman Al Nafjan, and Aziza Al -Youssef.

Their only “crime” is to having demanded  freedom for women in Saudi Arabia, and to be leaders of the famous movement “Women’s Drive”.

You can read an excellent post on the issue on C Luna ‘s blog. He wrote it at time, unlike me. We both are involved in defending human rights. His blog is excellent.

Well, we all know that in Saudi Arabia women do not have rights.

They cannot drive a car.

They cannot express their opinion.

Moreover, they cannot come out from their house without a man from their relatives.

They even are obliged to wear the “hijab” , wich cover their entire body.

Saudi Arabia is the worst country for women, because it is the territory where the “sharia ” (Islamic Law) is the strongest in the world.

It is a country without free expression.

Even men are denied of it. We all know  this by Raif Badawi’s imprisonment and sentence to lashing.

If you want to support them, there is a petition  issued by Amnesty Canada.,

Here is the link:


Please sign it and share it widely on your social networks.

Furthermore , I invite you to tweet @KingSalman for their release.

If you are on Twitter, you can also follow their Twitter accounts. It is possible if you understand enough Arabic, for they tweet in their native language.

As far as I am concerned, I don’t speak enough Arabic. The translation option is not very good.

But I write this very short post to show my support to their cause.

The freedom of three women is at stake.

Their detention is pure injustice, for nobody should be jailed for his opinions.

They are prisoners of conscience.

It is the reason why the prestigious association Pen America awarded them .

I follow Pen America on Twitter.

of course, it is normal for someone who fights for human rights.

Please be efficient. Share this post. Sign the petition for them. Tweet for them.

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