March, 15th , 2011, March, 15th, 2019: 8 years of a genocide

Today, March,15th, 2019, is the eight anniversary of the Syrian uprising.

We should have to celebrate it. Every Revolution against a dictator is to celebrate.

But since 2011, Assad is slaughtering his own people.

On March, 15th, 2011, Syrians revolted against a dictatorship established in  1973, by Hafiz El Assad, Bachir’s father.

Assad could not bear it.

He massacred his people by all means: chemical weapons, siege, starvation.

This photo is property of the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

Assad is responsible for crimes against humanity for having practiced   torture and enforced disappearance.

In the victims of torture are kids.

We must recall that on March, 15th, 2011, Syrians demanded only democracy. They wanted freedom, justice, and the rule of law, wich means free elections.

In the very moment I write these lines,  we must remember that Idlib has still bombed by phosphorus two days ago.

Assad did this because the Syrian National Coalition met in Brussels a UN envoy and was to obtain a political transition.

All these photos are property of the Syrian National Coalition.

Here is the link of the statement of OCHA


In clear, after eight years of suffering, the Revolution was to make success.

Moreover, the Syrian Revolution has many supporters worldwide. I am one of them .

During the negotiations at Brussels, many demonstrators shew their support to the Revolution outside the European Parliament.

They had banners with mottos telling ” free the detainees”.

In effect, Assad’s prisons are full of detainees , and some are in jail since years ago.The_eighth_year_of_the_start_of_the_popular_movement_in_Syria_and_the_terrible_violations_continue_en

It is the practice of enforced disappearance and torture he is responsible for.Citizen_Ibrahim_Fares_has_been_forcibly_disappeared_since_2014_en

The Syrian National Coalition has always stressed on the importance of the detainees . The problem of their release must be put on the table for a political transition.

Against Assad, the Syrian Opposition is strong and determinate.

Let’s be clear: Assad has exterminated his people. This is genocide.

He has committed war crimes by attacking civilians, despite the Geneva Conventions.

He is responsible for crimes against humanity because of torture.

By killing deliberately his own population, he his responsible for genocide.

Before this, Syrians would have to mourn on this eight anniversary of the Revolution.

Unlike this, they keep their determination strong.

On this day, March, 15th, they will celebrate the eighth anniversary of the Uprising.

Their will to topple Assad is strong.

However, Assad has won a large part of the territory.

But Idlib and its neighborhoods still resist .

They will resist until the end.

Syrians , after eight years of genocide, still want what they wanted in 2011.

I will support them until the victory.

There is no place now for Assad save at the ICC at The Hague.

Eight years of Revolution:  eight years of  a genocide.

But the Revolution continues.



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