#My Friends Live In Idlib

#My Friends Live in Idlib.

#Eyes On Idlib.

These two hashtags were viral yesterday, on February 27th, on Twitter.

At 3 PM Syria local time, Assad shelled again the last city wich resists to him. After Khan Sheikhoun, it is another slaughter wich must be denounced.

I write this very short post to raise awareness on the fate of Syrians , who are systematically victims of Assad’s war crimes.

The bombings killed many civilians, including kids, in the two towns.

The local team of the White Helmets was their only rescue after the shelling.

Please don’t stay indifferent .

Tweet for Syrians. Use the two hashtags #My Friends Live In Idlib , and #Eyes On Idlib.

#My Friends Live In Idlib is also a Twitter account. Please follow it in solidarity.

Assad is responsible for war crimes. These last two days add them to a long list.

Moreover, the Syrian Network for Human Rights calls to theĀ  United Nations in Geneva to put on the table the problem of enforced disappearance and torture. Assad practices them since the beginning of the Revolution.Geneva_The_Syrian_Human_Rights_Network_is_participating_in_a_high_profile_event_at_United_Nations_en

These , enforced disappearance and torture, are crimes against humanity.

Please share this post to denounce Assad’s crimes and show your indignation.

Of course, I know this it still an activism post, but we cannot be bystanders facingĀ  the shelling of Idlib and Khan Sheikhoun.

#My Friends Live In Idlib.

I don’t know where you live, but #Your Friends Live In Idlib, too.

In solidarity, share these few lines for Syrians .


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