Khan Sheikhoun Is Burning

Khan Sheikhoun is burning.

On Twitter, it is a hashtag: #Khan_Sheikhoun_Is_Burning.

The city, close to Idlib, is bombed once more by Assad.

Assad shelled it in April. He did it again in August.

This year, the last week, and NOW again.

It is a slaughter, and nobody cares.

I write this very short post to speak out against the indifference of the media.

I have searched in vain for news about this massacre: nothing.

The only source of reliable information comes from Syrians themselves, on Twitter.

They tweet to tell their suffering and inform the world of the event.

They feel abandoned.

On Syria, the only new is the visit of Assad in Iran. Articles present this visit as if it were a discovery that Iran supports Assad…

Most of the photos used in this post come from a Syrian photo reporter.

The attacks made numerous wounded and casualties.

As usual, the White Helmets of the city are the only rescue of the population.

With Khan Sheikhoun, Assad targets also Idlib, the last town wich resists to him.

Assad’s goal is the falling of Idlib.

The photo of the header  is property of “L’Orient Le Jour”, a Lebanese paper.

In solidarity, you can tweet #My Friends Live In Idlib.

I tweeted it.

With #Eyes On Idlib, it was  important today on the social network.

The UN denounced the use of sarin in the attack of April, 2018. What is the result today?

Nothing, because Assad  shells Idlib and Khan Sheikhoun when he wants.

Please be efficient. Tweet for Syrians, against Assad , his massacres, his dictatorship.

If you read this post, share it on your social media.

Media are  not  reliable, or silent.

Don’t be bystanders.

Share this post, and everything wich can help Syrians.

This is an activism post, of course.

But we are all inhabitants of Khan Sheikhoun.

We must stand by them.


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