Shawkan ‘s release still postponed

Shawkan ‘s release is still postponed.

On February, 18th, 2019, the Egyptian authorities announced he will  soon be released.

On social networks, especially Twitter, the new went viral.

We have to remember that he is in jail only for having done his job as a photographer.

In 2011, he took photos of the Egyptian uprising, and for this was accused of “spying”.

He never had a fair trial. This one was postponed  several times. Moreover, he never had access to a lawyer.

The Egyptian government focused on this report of the uprising. But as a photographer, he took marvelous photos of landscapes, and people in streets.

Never he was a spy, but a professional photographer.

As many people, I was very happy when the new of his soon release was announced.

His imprisonment is a violation of free speech.

So, I wrote  many posts in favor of him.

On Twitter, I tweet for him. The hashtag is #Free Shawkan.

A “Sky for Shawkan” campaign was organized by his supporters. You can follow it on the blog of C Luna . People sent photos from the sky for Shawkan. I sent one.

This, because from his jail, he said : “I miss the sky”.

The campaign continues on Twitter.It is my header.

You can send photos of your sky for Shawkan.

I don’t understand how the Egyptian authorities could change their mind in 2 days.

On February, 18th, I would have written that Shawkan ‘s release was soon.

Now, on 20th, I have to write that he is still in jail.

The fight for his liberty is not over.

Please tweet for him.

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He deserves to be free: he is innocent.

Taking photos is a job , not a delict.



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