Assad commits massacre in Khan Sheikhoun, near Idlib

Once more, Assad stroke Idlib region.

Khan Sheikhoun is part of rural Idlib.

The massacre was committed on Friday, and announced today by the Syrian National coalition.

It was made in response to the Idlib Agreements, signed under Turkish protection.

These Idlib Agreements were the first path towards a political transition.

Clearly, a democratical government without Assad.

Of Course, Assad’s reaction is fury.

He killed 9 persons, including kids.

This is horrific.

We cannot be bystanders before this new slaughter of the population of Idlib.

If you can’t bear this, the hashtag on Twitter is #Eyes On Idlib.

Tweet this, to show your support of the population of Idlib.

The Syrian National Coalition calls the International community to blacklist Assad and send him to the ICC.

In effect, he is responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

The massacre of Khan Sheikhoun is another war crime.

We must all react before this.

We must all be #Eyes On idlib.

There is a Twitter account named after this. You can follow it as I do.

The White Helmets are the only rescue of the Syrian population.

We, who live in democracies, must be their supporters.

I write this very short post to raise awareness on this new massacre.

Idlib is the last town wich resists to Assad. Assad can’t bear this.

He will kill civilians until there is a resistance to him.

But the Revolution Continues.

Topple Assad.

Support Idlib.#Eyes On Idlib.

Assad to the ICC.

Please tweet for the victims.

Tweet #Eyes On Idlib.

I will never forget all Assad ‘s slaughters.

Yes, despite Assad’s crimes, and his attack on Khan Sheikhoun, the Revolution Continues.

#Eyes On Idlib.


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