An invitation to follow Marc Nelson’s blog

Follow Marc Nelson’s blog.

I invite you to do, for his drawings are splendid.

Moreover, they are graphic because reality.

He draws on human rights, as I write. He is a great supporter of the Syrian Revolution, as me. This is his last post, this of today.

I follow his blog, and like its drawings. I have noticed I am the only one!

This is unjust, because he is a great artist and a human rights activist.

To prove this, I insert in this post samples of his drawings. Of course, they are all under his copyright.

But pictures tell us more than words.

I hope that after this, he will have more than 11 followers, his actual number.

But people are not interested in art, even if interesting.

They are not interested in Yemen, even if the country is dying.

They are interested in: Syria, Iran, and Trump’s Wall. The remaining of the world can die, as Yemen, they don’t care.

As far as I am concerned, this blog is an activism one, for human rights. I write often on the Middle-East, and on Syria, but not only.

Human rights matter worldwide.

Marc Nelson draws on them.

If you say you support human rights, follow his blog.

You will not be disappointed.

He is really a human rights activist by his art.

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