#Yemen Can’t Wait. Tweet for it

#Yemen Can’t Wait. Tweet for it .

I have noticed that all my posts on Yemen were not RT nor shared.

Yemen is dying of starvation and an epidemics of cholera . Meanwhile, nobody cares.

You will not find any article in papers.

On the web, no news.

Although the United Nations have declared Yemen the worst humanitarian crisis of 2019, the whole country dies in indifference.

If you care, the hashtag on Twitter is #Yemen Can’t wait. Please tweet for it.

We cannot be bystanders before the death of a whole land, including kids.

As sharing on Twitter, my only reader who does is Rick Cooley, an American blogger. I want to  thank him for sharing and caring.

Twitter is an efficient tool of activism. So, I invite you to tweet your support to Yemen.

Be aggressive: use the hashtag #Yemen Can’t Wait. Create your owns.

In all cases, care for Yemeni.

This horror begun by the war led by Saudi Arabia to Yemen. Saudi Arabia is wealthy and has money to buy powerful weapons, unlike Yemen. Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Now, civilians are starved . The water is no more drinkable. This provoked the epidemics of cholera.

Doctors Without Borders call to action. Clearly, to give them money for Yemeni.

If you cannot, because you give to other associations, tweet for Yemen.

I write this post knowing it will not be shared, as the others, save by Rick Cooley.

Indifference is a weapon of mass destruction.

#Yemen Can’t Wait.

Please care .

Silence is complicity. Tweet for Yemeni.

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