Soon Iran will be free

Soon Iran will be free.

Today was a rally in Paris of the Iranian Opposition, held by Maryam Rajavi, who directs it.

There was a live stream diffusion of the Rally on Twitter, but I couldn’t attend it, for personal reasons. To tell the truth, I had to go to the hospital with my mother. We, Muslims, know the importance of taking care of our relatives.

But I tweeted my support.

Iran is a dictatorship established since 1979, a religious one. The Mullahs, at the head of the power, practice torture and imprisonment without trial.

In 1988, they slaughtered the Opponents. The 1988 Massacre is an event of remembrance for the whole opposition.

Now, Iran is responsible for spreading terrorism across the whole Middle-East. The Mullahs are accomplices , for instance, of Assad, in Syria . They are  ,  as Russia and the Lebanese Hezbollah.

As a supporter of the Syrian Revolution, I cannot bear this massacre of civilians.

This is a very short post, but I wanted to write it  to show my support to the Iranian Opposition.

Iranian freedom and Syrian one go together.

Maryam Rajavi’s leadership is a great thing to the Iranian Opposition.

She realized to union it . She gave it a voice.

On Twitter, the hashtag is #I Stand With Maryam Rajavi.

Today, I think the live stream was passionate.

I am sorry not to have attended it.

But I tell my support to the Iranian opposition.

The Mullahs must be toppled.

Iran must be expelled from Syria. This will be a good thing for Syrians.

Yes, Iran will be free soon.

I hope it will be the same with Syria.

Without Iranian troops, Assad will  have less strenght.

To sum up, topple the Mullahs. Topple Assad.


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