The Yellow Vests, a French discontent

The Yellow Vests, a French discontent.

This movement is now spreading across all France.

I live in Corsica, and I saw a demonstration of them on February, 5th.

Let’s be clear, it is different here.

I come from Paris, and  am used to violent demonstrations.

This of Bastia was peaceful. They crossed the main road,with  a Yellow Vest. They didn’t chanted slogans, nor threw  stones.

Many administrations were closed. I went to the post office to pay my Arabic teacher. On the door, a placard was set. On it, was written that the post office SHOULD re open in the afternoon. In reality, it re opened the day after.

So, I sent a message with Whats App to my teacher to tell him this. Of course, he understood. I paid him the day after.

But I crossed the protest without problem to go to my usual coffee-shop. At the terrace, drinking my coffee, I stared at them. No violence at all. For me, it is surprising.

They went from the Prefectory, and came to the Citadel. It is the local road of Bastian demonstrations.

It is a symbol. The Prefectory is where the actual representing of the State sits. The Citadel was the Residence, before the Revolution, of the Government. It was also a prison.

Protesters show their revolt against the power, the actual one as the ancient one.

In Paris, the road is from the Bastille to the Nation.

This is also a great symbol. The Bastille, prison of the Kings, fell in 1989, July, 14th ,our National Day. The Nation , an underground station, is the power of the people.

By this, demonstrators show that the Nation, the people, is stronger than the Power.

Protesters pose with a French flag as they gather with others wearing yellow vests at a demonstration by the “yellow vests” movement on the Champs Elysees below the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France, December 8, 2018. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

The demands of the Yellow Vests are right. Taxes are high. The middle-class is dead, as in many countries. President Macron wants to increase the price of gasoline. Workers  feel it as unaffordable .  Moreover, never a President has increased salaries and retirements since many years.

In Corsica, many people are old and retired. The others  work for administrations or banks.

Across all France, people are fed up of increases of taxes.

Even people who don’t protest are in solidarity with them. Here, the students, and the local soccer club.

But there are now two problems with this movement.

The first is usual. After the protest, thugs come and break  everything . They broke  the  cash diverter, and the public restrooms.

In Paris, they also burn cars  .

The second problem  is politcal.When people are discontent, they vote for the far-right wing.

They don’t realize the danger of this party. Its program is based on racism and hatred.

Marine Le Pen’s party is high in polls, and in elections.

Do voters know that she negates the Holocaust? She is antisemitic. She spreads hatred of Arabs and Islamophobia. She told that foreigners will take the jobs of French workers.

People believe that foreigners will take their jobs. It is false. They do jobs wich French would  not do. They clean trashes. They build our roads. How many French would do this? They feel it undign jobs.

Foreigners came to our country to have better conditions of life. The salary they have in these jobs is higher than in their homeland.

As a conclusion, I have supported the Yellow Vests at their beginning. Now, I  no more. The far-right wing will never have my support.Their ideas are unbearable.




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