Just Another Brick in The Wall

Just another brick in the Wall.

This old song of the Pink Floyd has never been so actual.

Trump made it under the fire of the news.

His will to build a Wall at the US-Mexican border is definitive.

Despite this tantrum, most of Americans disagree with him; according to the “Progress Report ” of February, 4th, 60°/° oppose it.

Prototypes for the new U.S. -Mexico border wall stands on display behind a fence with grafitti that reads “No Walls” in Tijuana, Mexico, on Monday, May 21, 2018. “We won’t care about threats of a wall,” National Regeneration Movement Presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced, assuring another rally crowd in Zacatecas, one of the states that sends the most migrants to the U.S., that with him in power, they’ll achieve equal footing with their neighbors to the north. Photographer: Alejandro Cegarra/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Papers relay this discontent: the “Washington Post” published an article on the issue on February, 2nd.

Protests are numerous, and the ACLU issued a petition against this building.I am sorry that only American citizens can sign it. An international petition against this Wall would be a good news: I would sign it.

I think that Trump does not remember that America was built on immigration. Save the Native Americans, all Americans descend from migrants.

But Trump’s prejudice against Mexicans is strong. He presents them as rapists, drug sellers, and jobs sellers . For him, Mexicans would take the jobs of Americans, who would become unemployed.

For this Wall, he even shutdown the government. HE stole the jobs of federal workers, who didn’t receive their paychecks.

Under the pressure of the new Congress, the shutdown is now over. But it is until February, 25th. We are the 6th.

The Wall would cost millions to Americans. This money could be employed to raise the salaries, and save Medicare.

Trump does not care. He WANTS his wall. The only country I know with such a huge Wall is the Gaza Strip.This is not an endorsement…On Twitter, I tweet #BDS for Palestinians.

I say NO to all Walls.

The Pink Floyd wrote the album “The Wall” against the Berlin Wall, wich separated Germany before the falling of communism.

The Berlin Wall fell in 1989. I saw it falling at the TV, in direct. I was enthusiastic.

I was yet interested in politics and in human rights. This falling was a victory.

Trump is making an unbearable mistake with his tantrum of the Mexican Wall.

Walls are the symbol of a defeat.

I understand those who protest against the Mexican Wall.

Americans deserve better.

Trump governs only by tantrums. He does by hatred, and racism.

He is definitely unfit to be President.





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