Hama, 1982, 2019

Hama, 1982, 2019.

On February, 2nd, 2019, Syrians marked the 37th birthday  of the Hama Massacre of 1982.

In effect, on 1982, February, 2nd, Hafiz El Assad massacred approximately 40 , 000 persons in Hama.

Hafiz El Assad is Bachir’s father.

He founded the Baath party in 1973, after a coup d’état against the legitimate King.This  was the beginning of the Syrian dictatorship.

In Hama, on 1982, Syrians upraised against this dictator. The slaughter of 1982, February, 2nd, is the repression of this revolt.

Yet, according to the Syrian Opposition today,the revolt of Hama in 1982 is the root of the discontent of 2011.

Syrians have always opposed to the dictatorship.

In 1982, Hafiz El Assad slaughtered the town in silence. Modern media were nonexistent.

Western historians say that this massacre was this of Muslim Brotherhoods. It is false. Hafiz killed without distinction of age. Kids were massacred with adults.

So, Western historians consider the responsibility for an opinion extended to a whole family.

I write these lines. Is my family responsible for them? I don’t think so.

Although I live in the West,  I don’t share Western points of view.

In 1982, modern media didn’t exist. The event belongs to History.

In 2019, we have access to many sources of information.

We can see the events of the Revolution on TV. We can have them on the web. We read papers freshly updated.

In 2017 and 2018, Bachir El Assad bombed Hama. He used chemicals.

He destroyed again the town, including schools and hospitals.

He committed war crimes. He did this in a perfect indifference.

Media treat this like breaking news, sometimes.

But in most times they stay silent.

We can explain the silence of 1982 by the lack of media interested in Syria.

We cannot explain this of the actual Revolution.

The White Helmets were the only rescue of the local population in 2017 and 2018.

Media didn’t care.

Today, Assad slaughters his people . He follows the path of his father. He even restored his statue.

Who knowns?

Don’t count on media to stay updated.

Follow the Syrian National Coalition and the Syrian Network for Human Rights on Twitter. I do.

I am a supporter of the Syrian Revolution.

I want to write these few lines about the 37th birthday of the Hama Massacre on February, 2nd.

I know that we are on February, 5th.

But writing is better than staying silent.

I will not forget this massacre.

I will not forget the actual one.





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