#Save The Rest

#Save The Rest.

I write this post to raise awareness on the issue of enforced disappearance. Since many days, the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) documents all these cases, focusing on torture by Assad.Here are  their last reports:



The SNHR has published the first one on February, 2nd, 2019, so, yesterday.The second one is less recent by its date of publication, but it is still actual.

In effect, despite all international sanctions, Assad still practices torture and enforced disappearance.

According to the Syrian National Coalition, 2 people died in Homs under torture.

On Twitter, Syrians say that the sanctions target Syrians, not the Regime.

The Syrian Opposition calls the UN to implement the Resolution 2254, and condemns strongly Assad.

Assad is responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

It is  “genocide” for the deliberate extermination of his own people:  enforced disappearance, siege and starvation, use of chemicals, deaths under torture.

I stop here, because the list is too long.

On Twitter, the hashtag to denounce the enforced disappearance is #Save The Rest.

So, I has chosen this title for this post.

As I was to write it, I received the last report of the SNHR. I am subscribed to their notifications.

They have documented the most notable human rights violations of January, from all parts of the conflict.  Here it is:The_Most_Notable_Human_Rights_Violations_in_Syria_in_January_2019_en

Assad must be held accountable for his crimes.

Enforced disappearance, torture, bombing of civilians, are unbearable.

So, if you read this post, be aggressive.

I call you to act.

On Twitter, tweet #Save The Rest.

Follow the account of the Syrian National Coalition and this of the SNHR.

The UN must act to condemn Assad for his practices.

I am  a human rights activist ,and  a supporter of the Syrian Revolution.

So, I call you to act. Speak out against Assad’s practices.

Our silence would be complicity.

Media are silent .

Don’t be. Act for Syrians.

This is my conclusion.

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