Why I don’t use subheaders

I don’t use subheaders because I am a human rights activist. I am currently a philosophy teacher,

and subheaders remind me my job.

The philosophy dissertation is very formal.You cannot use subheaders in it, but you have to respects three parts. The first one is the argument which you will develop . The second one is the discussion of the argument, the counter-argument. The third one is the balance of the argument and its discussion.

Of course, this blog is not about philosophy. It is about human rights worldwide, and their violations.

I have created it from scratch to speak out against human rights violations.

I write mainly on the Middle-East, because in this region human rights are at stake.

It is but the continuation of my tweets.

So, I want to make a strict separation between my job and my activism.

I know that all bloggers use subheaders to underline their writing.

But I won’t. Blogging on human rights is activism. It is not a philosophy dissertation.

My way of highlighting  my writing is to insert photos and pictures.

Often, photos tell more than words.

So, subheaders are useless.

As a conclusion, I want to tell my involvement for human rights, my activism. This post is very short, but it is about my blog.

If the domain name is https//:www.humanrightsonline.blog, it is because it matters to me.

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