#Stop Lashing Raif

Stop lashing Raif Badawi. Today, Saudi Arabia has decided to resume the flogging of Raif Badawi.

Because the activism for Raif Badawi was viral on Twitter, I found this picture on the network.

So, he will be flogged of 50 lashes tomorrow. Of course, the lashing will be in public, as an example. Example of what? He is in jail now since seven years , and sentenced to flogging, only for a blog.

Yes, only for having created a blog, a liberal one, on Islam.

But King Salman does not bear liberal Islam: Saudi Arabia is the country of Mecca, for all Muslims.

As a consequence, Saudi Arabia is the country where “sharia” (Islamic law) is the hardest in the Muslim world.

Blogging is a normal activity, a free expression on the web, save in Saudi Arabia.

I have written many posts to support Raif Badawi, because he is a prisoner of conscience. He received the Sakharov Price of Free Expression, but his wife received it in his place, because he was jailed.

Since now 2011, he is sentenced to prison and flogging.

The 50 lashes are tomorrow, remember this.

So, be aggressive: support him, because these lashes are unbearable.

Here is what you can do: attend the protest in Vienna, organized by Amnesty. If you can’t , as I can’t myself, host your own protest.

This  post is my protest, for I live in France. Follow his Twitter handle, and this of the Raif Badawi Foundation. This one was created by his wife to support freedom in the Arab World. The whole name of the Foundation is: Raif Badawi Foundation for Freedom in the Arab World.

And , of course, if you are on Twitter, tweet for his release and the cancel of the flogging. The hashtags are : #Free Raif, and #Stop Lashing Raif.

As a conclusion, I will be short: tweet King Salman #Stop Lashing Raif. Free Speech and blogging are human rights ,  we must all act in favor of Raif Badawi .

Yes, no lashing and no jail for blogging.

#Free Raif. #Stop Lashing Raif.


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