No Wall, end the shutdown

Trump’s tantrum to build a wall at the Mexican border has provoked a shutdown wich is a real disaster. Federal workers are not paid: either they work for free, either they stay at home.

Prototypes for the new U.S. -Mexico border wall stands on display behind a fence with grafitti that reads “No Walls” in Tijuana, Mexico, on Monday, May 21, 2018. “We won’t care about threats of a wall,” National Regeneration Movement Presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced, assuring another rally crowd in Zacatecas, one of the states that sends the most migrants to the U.S., that with him in power, they’ll achieve equal footing with their neighbors to the north. Photographer: Alejandro Cegarra/Bloomberg via Getty Images

As a consequence, National Parks are trashed, Museums are closed, and the government is fully closed.

Why this tantrum? Because Trump ‘s policy is built on the fear of foreigners.

Remember that he reversed the DACA, wich allowed refugees from the Middle-East to find a shelter in the USA.ICE, wich permits to imprison children , has taken the place of the DACA.

The building of the Wall at the Mexican border is nothing but the continuation of this policy. Trump sees Mexicans as invaders, drug sellers, rapists.

So, waiting for the Wall, Trump sent patrols to “secure” the frontier: I put “secure’ in inverted comas, because I don’t share his ideas.

Foreigners are not invaders. The USA are the result of a long story of immigration. Save the Native Americans, all Americans are the descendents of migrants.

On Twitter, Trump twitted that the shutdown could be for months, even for years.He didn’t see the consequences: a paralyzed  country. The US dollar lost value on the currencies change; he was superior to the Euro, and now it is equal.

It is impossible to let workers unpaid for months, or years. Everyone needs to have a paycheck to pay his bills , eat, and so on.

The shutdown is inhumane . It is a pure tantrum wich lets US workers in a disaster.

There are many petitions on the internet to ask democrats to end it: I signed them all.

Although I   am not American,  I am an activist for human rights. Trump does not care of his country.

His racism is unbearable. It is towards Mexicans, Muslims, Blacks.

The Mexican Wall is the result of this racism. He was elected on the slogan “Make America Great Again”. All his policy is making it little, even in foreign affairs.

I mostly write on the Middle-East. The withdrawal of the US troops from Syria is not a good decision.

The US presence on the battlefield was a great counterpoint to the terrorist ones.

Unlike the Iraqi Wars, wich were invasions, and brought only sufferings to the Iraqi , and to the US families of  the fighters, the US presence in Syria was a good thing.

I say :no to the Wall.

I say : end the shutdown.

Trump’s tantrum is unbearable. He is  unfit to be President .


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