#Free Shawkan as his release is still postponed until February, 16th

#Free Shawkan, the photo-reporter .

His release is still postponed untill February, 16th, 2019.

Remember that the man is in jail now since months only for having done his job. He was arrested for covering a protest , in 2011, of the so-called “Arab Spring”.

I don’t want to write again a post on the lack of free speech in Egypt: it is well-known.

I want to raise awareness on the fate of Shawkan. He has been sentenced to death, but it is useless. He is dying of Hepatitis C, without healthcare.

He never had a fair trial, with a layer.

Postponing and postponing his release, they will free a corpse.

This is an activism post.

So, if you read it, please be efficient: tweet to Al Sissi to release him immediately.

In effect, Twitter is the only mean to reach the Egyptian authorities. The actual hashtag is #Free Shawkan.

A man’s life is at stake.

Be aggressive: tweet for him.

He can die at every minute.

Taking photos is not a delict: it is a job.

He is in jail only for this.

#Free Shawkan before he dies .



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