Until the victory, the Revolution continues

Despite the collaboration of the Arab League with Assad,  for the first time since 2011, and all fake news published in Western dailies, the Revolution continues.

The  Syrian National Coalition thanks the three countries  of the Arab League wich refused to re open embassies in Syria; yes, only three: Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Morocco.

In effect, the Arab League resumed ties with Assad, and wants that Assad be a member of it.

Most Arab countries turned their back to the interim government, the only legitimate. In October, 2018, Jordan closed its border to Syrian refugees, and resumed trade deals with Assad; on the same month, the Bahraini foreign minister warningly kissed his Syrian counterpart in public.

On December, 2018,17th, the UAE re opened its embassy in Damascus, and Tunisia its direct flights to the Syrian capital.

Of course, it is useless to add that the Lebanese Hezbollah supports Assad, with the terrorist militias of Iran, accomplices of Assad’s crimes.

All this information is property of the site Global Voices. Here is the link:How a Syrian photo collective is resisting Assad

But on the ground, popular protests continues for the victory of the Revolution, especially in Idlib, in Homs , and in Rural Hama.

Moreover, 10 000 Syrian tribes are ready to take the place of the USA on the battlefield since the US withdrawal. These news were announced by the Syrian National Coalition, the only legitimate government.

Assad’s place is at the ICC for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

And, to conclude, on January, 21st, the EU will blacklist Assad , his regime and the members of his family.

This information was given, too, by the Syrian National Coalition.

Saying that Assad has won and the Syrian Revolution is over is false; papers are full of fake news.

I want to add that the French one wich published that is a right-wring one ; it is not reliable on such news.

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