Syrian refugees frozen in Lebanon

Since many days, Syrian refugees are frozen in Lebanon, as a snowstorm hit the country.

The UNHCR said today that Lebanon welcomes more than one million of Syrian refugees, and warms the international community on these harsh living conditions.

They live in precarious tents in this territory.

About 50 000 Syrian refugees are concerned by this storm , adds the Syrian National Coalition.

There is a call from the UNHCR in favor of refugees, but it is up to the international community to act.

We have to remember that many countries are still supporting Assad , despite his war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide: it is especially true about Arab countries since the withdrawal of the US troops.

The Syrian National Coalition calls for the United Nations to implement the Resolution 2254 and find a political transition without Assad.

A power with Assad is unbearable due to his crimes.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights published two days ago its year report on the crimes of Assad.The_annual_report_of_the_most_prominent_work_of_the_Syrian_Human_Rights_Network_in_2018_en

The refugees who had to flee their homeland are part of his crimes.They couldn’t stay in a country bombed with chemicals, where torture is a daily practice .

So, they found a shelter in Lebanon, a border territory. Lebanon is the most welcoming country for Syrian refugees, but winter conditions make their life very difficult.

Would you live under tents under snow? Sincerely now. So, if you read this very short post, donate to the UNHCR to make their life better: I do.

Yes, as often, it is an activism post.

But think just one minuteĀ  of Syrian refugees frozen, and you will imagine what their lives are now, in the winter.



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