I am fed up of the racism wich is invading our societies

I am really fed up of the racism wich is invading my country: in it, it is generally towards Arabs.There are few people of color, but many Arabs chose to live here,  because of the climate, similar to this of their homeland.

The attitude of the public is different in many things; for example, today, I was the testimony of a scene between the police and a Moroccan.The man was only looking for a place to stop his car, and he stopped it five minutes on the road. This is forbidden, but here everyone does that without problem; unlike them, the police went immediately to him, to take his car, and it turned to violence. .

I know that in other countries, like the UK or the USA, people of color are the victims of this attitude: the violence of the police, the lack of politeness of the population, who considers them definitively as foreigners, even if they are in the territory since decades.

I, who write on human rights, firmly believe in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I am shocked by this.

I write this short post to say my indignation.

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