The clashing of the Middle-East shaped by the Sykes Picot Agreements and the Balfour Declaration

What we are attending now in the whole Middle-East is an event without precedent.

Here is the link of the map and the Infliences: Sypes Picot agreements link of the map, docx

It is the dismantlement of the world shaped one Century ago by the Sykes Picot Agreements and

the Balfour Declaration.Sykes-Picot-Agreement

Balfour Declaration, Foreign Office, 1917

In 1916, the Ottoman Empire was dismantled by France and England, and the Middle-East was shaped under influence of these two countries.

In 1917, the right to a Jewish land in Palestine was recognized by the Balfour Declaration, by the English Foreign Office: it is the actual source of all the problems in Palestine.

Following it, Arabs were stolen  of their land.

As for the Arab territories, they were put in shapes, but Arabs lost their freedom.

Following this, colonialism was established until the independence.

But Independence were not a good news, because dictatorships took the place of the former colonies.

It happened in Algeria, after the Algeria War, wich is well-known by its horrors : the use of torture by the French army and the drowning of pacifist civilians in Paris in the river Seine.

In many countries, dictators took power by a” coup d’état”: it was the case in Libya, and in Syria.

Islamists took advantage of this situation: as the people was discontent, they gave them a hope. It is the case of the Muslim Brotherhoods in Egypt, wich were founded in the 20th.

In Syria, for example, the Baath topple the legitimate  king in 1973; this dynasty of the Assad is still governing Syria by terror and torture.

Hafiz El Assad founded the Baath in 1973, and his son, Bashir Al Assad is the hereditary dictator.

In Libya, Gaddafi made a “coup d’état” against the legitimate king, too.

In 2011, the people wanted the end of this situation and it was the beginning of the so-called “Arab Spring”.

In reality, they only wanted freedom, social justice, and to be master of their destiny, since the first time since 1916.

If we analyse this uprising, it put and end to a Century  when the destiny of the Arab World was decided without the Arabs.

The Balfour Declaration was at the origin of the creation of Israel, so at the origin of all the following Wars: the 1967 War, the 1973 one , and so on…

Now, Israel is part of the Syrian conflict, with Russia and Iran. Its strokes on Golan Heights were denounced by all Syrian activists.

As for the withdrawal of the US forces, it appears that Trump has not the intention to topple Assad.

Unlike all American Presidents, he will give more strength to Assad.


Yes, we are at a crossing point.  The old Middle East is disappearing , and the new one is not shaped.

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