Tragic New Year from MENA

As 2019 is beginning, we must not forget all human rights violations in MENA.

#Free Syria .


Assad is responsible for genocide and crimes against humanity.

About this, media are brainwashing you by saying again¬†he is a good guy to govern with. Don’t let brainwashing you : think by yourself.

The power of the media is the worst enemy of the democracy .

Yemen is starving under the Saudi bombs .

#Free Raif because he is in jail since more than six years now.

#Free Nabeel Rajab and free Bahrain.

Dictatorships are still the norm in MENA.

#Free Iran. #Iran Protests.

Yes, 2019, is a tragic year in MENA; we don’t have to celebrate it.

It is not better than 2018 and the precedent.

Since 2011, all years in MENA are a tragedy and we have to fight for human rights in the Middle-East.

Tragic New Year from MENA.


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