#Free Raif Badawi : tweet for him


wrote several posts for Raif Badawi, but he is still in jail in Saudi Arabia, despite all petitions and demonstrations in favor of him.

His wife moved to Canada, she is Canadian now, her and the kids; Amnesty Canada and the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, made a lot for Raif Badawi; there is a great support of Canada in favor of Raif Badawi.

Nowadays, I think the more aggressive thing for his freedom is on social networks.

I am not on Facebook, because a professional page is not free, and I use social networks for my blog; activism for human rights has no price.I am on Twitter, and I tweet for Raif Badawi, using the hashtag #Free Raif Badawi. The actual one is #Free Raif.

So, if you want to be efficient, tweet for him: #Free Raif.

It is now more than six years that he isĀ  jailed only for having blogged; he is separated from his wife and children.

Please support his liberation; tweet for his release.

#Free Raif.

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