Shawkan ‘s release still postponed until February, 29th, 2019

If you are a reader of my blog, you still know that the trial of the Egyptian  photographer Shawkan is a pure injustice: he has been arrested without arrest warrant only for doing his job, wich is photographing the daily life of his country. Amnesty and Reporters Without Borders demand his freedom:

The Egyptian authorities arrested him on the pretext of “spying”, because he was the testimony of the Egyptian uprising in 2011, and made photos of it.

He photographed also streets and landscapes, but his photos of the uprising, the so-called “Arab Spring” by Western media, led him into jail.

His trial is a pure injustice: he was sentenced to death only for this; but he is jailed since now 2013, and dying of Hepatitis C.

As a protest against this lack of freedom of expression, he was awarded of the Price of Freedom of Expression by the UNESCO, but he received it in prison.

Reporters Without Borders realized exhibitions of his photos, in partnership  with Amnesty International.

And now, he was sentenced to an additional pain of six months, wich leads his release until February, 29th, 2019. There is no reason to this additional sentence, as there was no reason to his arrest and condemnation.

Egyptian newspaper about Shawkan

If you want to be useful, you can tweet for him; the actual hashtag is #Free Shawkan.

If human rights matter for you, please do this .

Photography is a job, not a delict; please, make use of your freedom of expression in favor of him.

Until February, 29th, 2019, he can suffer, he who is ill; he can even dye of Hepatitis C, because he has no access to medicines.

Please act for him and his liberation by all means.


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