Drop all charges against Nabeel Rajab

18 DEC. Drop all charges against Nabeel Rajab, docxToday the association for human rights in Bahrain published an open letter callingĀ  to drop all charges against Nabeel Rajab.

I give it upon.

In effect, Bahraini authorities have the project to postpone the verdict of his trial until December, 31st, date of the new year.

We must remind that Nabeel Rajab has almost spent five years in jail only for tweeting, and this imprisonment includes solitary confinement.

Before his imprisonment, Nabeel Rajab was a human rights activist in his country, but there is absolutely no free speech in Bahrain.

I have signed all the petitions for his release , I follow him on Twitter, and I tweet in favor of him.

I will until he is free.

Freedom of expression is an absolute right, and denying him this one is a blatant injustice.

If you want to be involved in his liberation, on Twitter, the actual hashtag is #Free Nabeel.

Please, untilĀ  the end of this year, be active, tweet for him, and sign all existing petitions.

This is a very short post, but I wanted only to share this update on his trial.

I wrote several posts for him.

I tweet, and this post is no more than the continuation of my tweets, my involvement for human rights.On February, 21st, the US Mission to the UN tweeted for his liberation, but until now, it is without result:

Nabeel Rajab must be free before the end of the year. Please share widely on your social networks, you who are lucky enough to live in a country where tweeting is not a delict.

This is my conclusion.

#Free Nabeel.



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