Who ‘s behind the “Yellow Vests”?

Since  many days, media are focused on the movement of the “Yellow Vests”. The beginning of the revolt was the increase of taxes on natural gas and gasoline, but also of taxes in general.

As in many countries, the middle-class has disappeared and the protest was the expression of his despair.

The policy of President Macron is a right-wing one: all taxes increases are for the citizens, and the wealthiest have a decrease of their taxes; it is what the Americans call the “1°/°”. They are the only who benefit of this policy.

As far as I am concerned , I approve this movement of the “Yellow Vests”: they are right because our taxes are not used to pay essential public services, such as Education, Justice,Social Security, and retirement for the elder.

They are used to add money to those who have enough of it.

Concerning his foreign policy, Macron is not better: at the heart of the discontent, he travelled to Saudi Arabia to meet King Salman, who is responsible for the starvation of Yemeni.

As a teacher, I pay taxes, of course: I disagree that they are used for a shake hand with this responsible for a three years war, wich has exhausted Yemen.

The only thing we have to disapprove is that the demonstrations were disturbed by people who went after the protest , to break everything and burn cars. The burning of cars is a usual practice after demonstrations; it is a symbol to burn the property of people who can buy costly cars, unlike you. It is a thing I disapprove.

Media highlight those who broke and burned, and don’t stress enough on the claims of the protesters. This mix is bad for the movement of protest.

Now that the movement is existing, many people agree on the fact it must go on; in effect, it must continue, without the violence and fury of the disturbers.

The middle class is dead and struggles for a revival. This is what express the “Yellow Vests”.

This means “Macron Resign”.



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