Save Yemen from starvation

Protesters hold anti-war placards and flags opposite the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London. Featuring: View Where: London, United Kingdom When: 11 Apr 2015 Credit: Peter MacLaine/

Yemen is knowing a huge  humanitarian crisis  due to the civil war between the Houthis and the other parts of the population, and the Saudi led coalition wich bombs the country since 2015.

According to Human Rights Watch, the Houthi are responsible for practicing torture.

After three years of war , Yemen is exhausted: Yemeni are starving, and there is an epidemics of cholera. The UNICEF calls regularly for help , because kids are now dying , without even access to care.

The international community has failed to stop the Saudi bombings, despite all petitions , and all tweets against this policy.

On Twitter, the hashtags are #Yemen Cannot Wait, #With Yemen, and #Stop Arming  Saudi.

All countries sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, the UK, France, the USA,and we must recall that Saudi Arabia is a wealthy land, unlike Yemen. 

Even kids are soldiers in Yemen, when they can fight.This is contrary to the Convention on the Rights of Children.

We cannot admit that a whole territory is starving and dying of cholera; the war in Yemen is largely ignored by the media and the public.It is a forgotten war.Media don’t care, and maps show how much the crisis is important.

Can we forget a country dying? Can we be indifferent facing this humanitarian crisis? As far as I am concerned, I think we cannot.

On Twitter, I tweet for Yemen, as I tweet for Syria and Iran.Human Rights are universal. As often in my blog,  this post, which is the updated one of this of yesterday, is an activism one. I have added pictures to show how much this is important; pictures tell more than words.

I write this very short post as a testimony of my indignation facing this silence; Yemen is a forgotten war, and so the humanitarian crisis in this country; we have forgotten kids dying of cholera and malnutrition: 

If you read this post, please sign all petitions in favor of this country and its population, and share them widely on your social networks. If there is a protest for Yemen nearby you live, please attend the protest. By all means, act. Don’t forget Yemen.

Yemen is dying : it cannot wait.Save Yemen from starvation. Save Yemen before it dies.

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