Save Yemen

Yemen is knowing a huge humanitarian crisis due to the civil war between the Houthis and the other parts of the population, and the bombing of Saudi Arabia.

According to Human Rights Watch, the Houthis are responsible for practicing torture.

Despite numerous petitions, and tweets against the Saudi bombings, since 2015, Yemen is exhausted by starvation and an epidemics of cholera.

According to the UNICEF, kids are dying everyday of malnutrition.

The war in Yemen is a forgotten one.The international community is in a perfect indifference facing this humanitarian crisis.

We cannot stay indifferent facing it: they should be our kids.

On Twitter, the hashtags for Yemen are #Yemen Can’t Wait, #With Yemen, and #Stop Arming Saudi.

In effect, all countries sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, the UK, France, the USA. We must recall that Saudi Arabia is wealthy, unlike Yemen.

I have signed all petitions against this selling of arms to Saudi Arabia. If you read this very short post, please do the same , and share them widely on your social networks.Tweet, too, in favor of Yemen, and, if there is a protest nearby you live, attend it.

Save Yemen: Yemen cannot wait.

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