Save Yemen

Yemen is knowing  a humanitarian crisis due to the bombings of Saudi Arabia and the civil war between the Houthis and the other parts of the population.Here is a recent map of the conflict, property of the “Washington Post”:

As documented by Human Rights Watch, the Houthis are responsible for practicing torture .letter_majorgeneralabdulhakeemalmaweri_houthi_hostages, HRW,

The United Nations , the UNHCR, and OCHA have announced that Yemen will be the worst humanitarian crisis in 2019.

In effect, the shelling of Saudi Arabia have provoked an epidemics of cholera and a famine of civilians who are starving.

The UNICEF has published photos wich warm us of the cruelty of the situation. These photos are graphic, but they are the daily reality of Yemen.

I want to put them in this short post to show the reader how Yemeni are starving and dying of cholera. Photos tell more than words.

If you are on Twitter, the hashtags to support Yemen are actually #With Yemen and #Yemen Can’t Wait.

So, be efficient, and protest against these shelling responsible for the starvation of the Yemeni population , including kids, the most vulnerable.

Protest, too, and show your solidarity , against the epidemics of cholera wich hit the country.

Saudi Arabia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and Yemen one of the poorest.

Save Yemen before it’s too late: the humanitarian crisis is profound .

It will be worst, according to the UNICEF, the UNHCR and the OCHA.

So, try to save Yemen by tweeting for it, by giving to the UNICEF.

Think of these starving kids: they could be yours.

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