There is a genocide in Syria and media don’t care

When I read newspapers, I am  very  shocked by the silence of media about the situation in Syria: it is the absolute indifference.

Meanwhile, Assad is exterminating his own people, wich is a genocide.

Only the Syrian Opposition, the Syrian Network for Human Rights and the Syrian National Coalition give news on this genocide. I follow them on Twitter and am subscribed to their newsletters.

The  indifference of the media is another way to kill Syria: silence kills.

For someone like me, who is  committed to defend the cause of the Syrian Revolution, this indifference is  criminal.

Dailies are focused, when there are some lines on Syria,only  on the returnees, who  they call “jihadists ” , but they  don’t care  of Syrians themselves,  as they are tortured , victims of enforced disappearance , and slaughtered.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights publishes regularly reports on the violations of human rights in Syria , and, with  the Syrian National Coalition, calls the United Nations to hold Assad accountable for crimes against humanity and genocide.15_individuals_died_due_to_torture_in_Syria_in_November_2018_en

Sending Assad to the International Criminal Court at the Hague is the only solution to save Syria.

Not writing a single word on this is really awful. We cannot be bystanders while Syria is suffering of war crimes, such as the assassinations of war reporters,

2_media_workers_have_been_killed_in_Syria_in_December_2018_en and the bombing  of  civilians,

protected by the Geneva Conventions; while detainees are tortured, wich is a crime against humanity; while Assad is exterminating his own population by all means, wich is genocide.

The silence of the media is a crime added to the long list of crimes committed in Syria.

This photo is a bombing in Aleppo.It is property of the Syrian National Coalition.

Silence is a weapon: in this context, we must remember  Who rules the World? by Noam Chomsky, on the power of media.

I cannot bear this silence.

Assad is responsible for crimes against humanity and genocide: we must never forget it.

Unlike this, we must support this movement for liberty and democracy, we, who live in democratical countries.


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