Make democracy great again

When Trump  was elected, he used the populist motto “Make America Great Again”.

Since his  election ,the country has lost many things: wages are lower for the middle-class, Roe Versus Waden is under threat, and the US territory is closed to foreigners by ICE.

As far as I am concerned, I love the USA: since the Midterms, there is a hope that Democrats counter some of his measures .

For someone who write about the Middle-East, ICE is a very unjust policy; the Middle-East is burning, and Trump closes the land to asylum seekers.Syrians who want to flee the genocide they endure with Assad cannot find a shelter in a good democracy such as the USA; it is the same for Iranians, ruled since 1979 by a religious dictatorship wich imprisons without trial and tortures.

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On Twitter, the hashtag #Families Belong Together and #Children In Cages denounce this policy, because with ICE kids are separated from their parents and incarcerated. I never thought the USA  should put kids in cages.

Trump is a real danger for the American democracy. If I were American, I would be a Democrat.

I love the USA as a democracy wich welcomes foreigners, where free speech is guaranteed by the 1st Amendment , and wich protects the weaker ones  by giving everyone a chance.

Trump broke this, by his populist motto, and his racist policy.

Democracy is always to protect and to fight for: in Europe, too, it is under threat.Recently, the  German police had to  forbid a concert where  the Nazi Salute was made . In France, the movement of the “Yellow Vests”, wich is presented by foreign newspapers as a Revolution, is only the expression of a population fed up of increase of prices , especially of real gas and gasoline, and  of low wages: as usual, it is the middle-class who lost much.They only demonstrate, sometimes with violence, the return of populism .

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At every  Presidential election,  the candidate who wins the better place is Marine Le Pen: her motto is “France belongs to French” (in French, “La France aux Français). This motto is a populist one, as Trump’s. People , then, vote to avoid her when they realize she is dangerous : there are always Nazi references in her speeches…

In Syria, in Iran, people die  to live in a democracy.

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We enjoy it since Centuries. But when it is under threat, we must react, and protect it.

Populism, the tool of Trump’s election, and the tool of all far right movements, must be known, to be denounced.

At this condition only, we will make democracy great again, in the USA and in Europe.



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