Wishing the success of the Syrian Revolution

I wrote many posts on Syria, because I am very committed to the success of its Revolution started in 2011.Flag_of_Syria_2011,_observed.svg.png

Nobody can accuse me to support its enemies, the Assad Regime, Iran, Russia, and the Hezbollah.Syria MassKiller , Twitter,December, 16, 2017.jpg

This Revolution is for values we enjoy since the 18th Century, in the UK since the 17th one: freedom, social justice, dignity, wich is democracy.We, who live in democracies, must support it.

The UNO has failed in its mission in this country, because of the Russian vetoes (12!) . It has stopped to count the deaths in 2015, so numerous they are :more than one million .

Since 2011, Assad and his accomplices are responsible for a genocide: they have used enforced disappearance, torture, dropping of chemical weapons, siege and starvation in Ghouta; now, as I write these lines, Russia and Assad bomb Deir Ezzor, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights: they bomb the  bridges on the Euphrates River, so that people can no more cross it to flee the conflict and save their life.


Only the Syrian National Coalition is looking for a political solution to these years of suffering: the world is no more interested in the Syrian Revolution. Hariri, head of the National Coalition, calls for a political transition at Rhyiad without Assad, November, 25, 2017.jpg

When I read dailies, articles are only on the returnees ; for most of them, Assad has won, and governments are ready to cooperate with this dictator, this responsible for a genocide.

Assad has violated the International Conventions: the Geneva ones, the Convention on Chemical Weapons, the Rome Statute.

According to the Rome  Statute, Assad must be held accountable at the ICC .Hariri urges for accountability of Assad as he is in the UK, Syrian National Coalition, May, 11, 2018jpg.jpg

Assad Genocide, The Syria Campaign,  May, 12, 2018.jpg

The future of Syria belongs to Syrians : they want free elections, to decide of their government; we must all support this will of democracy, we , who live in democratical countries.#The Revolution Continues, Syrian National Coalition, March, 23, 2018.jpg

As far as I am concerned, I support it since its beginning : everybody has the right to live freely and with dignity.

Democracy does not belong to Western countries. If Syrians want to topple Assad and organize free elections, this cause is just.

Assad must be judged ; the Syrian National Coalition must be supported when it meets international leaders to organize the future of  a free Syria.Arab and Western leaders call for a political transition no later than October 31, Syrian National Coalition, October 1st, 2018XL

On Twitter, I follow all the Syrian accounts wich have an English translation , because I am only a beginner in Arabic. I tweet for Syria and its freedom.

This post is the continuation of my tweets: I am, and I will stay an activist wishing the success of the Syrian Revolution.



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