Why I write on human rights

I write on human rights because they are violated worldwide.

This blog is an activism one. I want to defend all those whose human rights are violated.

I often write for Raif Badawi, jailed since 7 years just for having blogged.#Free Raif Badawi Citizen Blog.jpg

I write for Syria, because Assad , Iran and Russia try to kill the Revolution for freedom and justice started in 2011; I am very committed to this cause, and wish the success of this Revolution.#Act for Daraa, July, 18, 2018jpg.jpg

#Eyes On Idlib, September 13, 2018.jpg

I write for Iranians, jailed and tortured by an unjust regime established in 1979, a religious dictatorship.2016-10-05_ Free Taheri_, July, 15, 2018.jpg

I write against all forms of dictatorship, and , on Twitter, I follow all the accounts who fight   for the same cause.2000px-Hrw_logo_, November, 16, 2018, png.png

This is a very short post, but I wanted to say my involvement in this fight for human rights.

I will write against all forms of far-right powers, of racism, of populism.abolish-ice., October, 24, 2018, jpg.jpg

Today I wrote on the assassination of a Syrian activist who fought for freedom in his country since 2011, Raed Al Faris.Raed Al Faris and Hammoud Junaid, November, 29, 2018_XL.jpg

The Syrian Network for Human Rights published a report on the responsible for this assassination . This work of information is necessary at this time of fake news on Syria.

The_editorial_board_of_the_Sham_is_often_assassinated_by_the_pioneer_of_the_knight_and_Hamoud_Junaid_in_the_city_of_Kafr Nabel_en

It is worth to put this in evidence in this blog . Nobody’s perfect, but I try to raise awareness on the violations of human rights worldwide.

This is the continuation of my tweets , for I tweet for liberty.

You can agree or disagree with me, but I don’t care. My involvement for human rights is profound .


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