I take a stand for Raif Badawi

I have written many posts for Raif Badawi, but I add this one, because he is still jailed in Saudi Arabia just for having blogged.#Free Raif.jpg

Actually, Saudi Arabia is giving more strength to its policy against human rights activists :Raif Badawi is imprisoned without reason, despite all forms of activism in favor of him; petitions have been issued by Amnesty, signed and shared on social media, demonstrations have been organized, and Twitter is a tool of activism in favor of his release. #Je suis Raif campagne de soutien d'Amnesty pour Raif Badawi , Janvier 2016.jpg

The opponents known as “The 3” , and the women who act against the mandatory veil, the “Saudi Activists”, are equally in prison.Raif Badawi, Save the 3, CLuna Screen Shot, April, 2018.jpg

Jamal Khashoggi has been murdered, and , according to the “Washington Post”, this murder has been commanded by the CIA.-jamal-khashoggi-death-arrests-20181115, November, 22, 2018, .jpg

But no opponent is jailed since a long time as Raif Badawi.It is now almost 8 years that he is imprisoned.

His wife organizes events in Canada and tweets in favor of him, for he is a prisoner of conscience, known now ._Appui-à-Raif-Badawi_ à Sherbrooke, May, 11, 2018jpg.jpg

But King Salman stays strong on his position, and keeps Raif Badawi imprisoned.

I regularly tweet #Free Raif.  You can do the same, and, if there is a protest where you live, participate to it.

This very short post is no more that my own protest, because there is none where I live.

#Free Raif.

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