Syrian National Coalition warms not to delay a political solution

The Syrian National Coalition calls on the international community to implement the Resolution 2254, and not to delay the political transition.President of the Syrian National Coalition, November, 20, 2018, _XL.jpg

His President stresses on the point that any delay on it gives more chance to the survival of the Assad Regime.

At a turning point of the Revolution, when Assad and the Islamic State have won a great part of the territory, save Idlib, the international leaders would be responsible for not having helped the Revolutionaries.weapons in Idlib, September 14, 2018jpg.jpg

The United Nations , and all leaders met by the Coalition , should help this latest to send Assad to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity and genocide; they must  be the ally of the Coalition in the transition towards a democracy, wich is the wish of all Syrians , and the origin of the Revolution in 2011.Syrian Revolution Continues, May, 8, 2018j.jpg

The Coalition warms not to delay this transition, because on the ground Assad continues his attacks on the  fighters in Idlib; he even makes difficulties for the return of the refugees who fled the country;  according to the Coalition, the Syrian visa has  the highest price in the world: 75 000 USD !

Refugees live in precariousness, close to Idlib, because the town is a battlefield. We are lucky that Idlib is a nest of resistance.Assad, with the complicity of Russia and Iran, has won a very large part of Syria; the US led Coalition fights against the Islamic State, but this one is powerful, thanks to the Lebanese Hezbollah, an Islamist and terrorist organization.Syria+Idlib+Getty+Photo, Refugees International, November, 20, 2018, .jpg

Yesterday, according to the French paper “Le Monde”, Israel stroke the Golan Heights , this part of Syria it has annexed in 1981, after having won it in 1967.Syrian Golan since 1992.jpg

Syria is still under attacks: from Assad, now from Israel.

Assad must be judged at the ICC for his crimes; the Syrian people must obtain what he wants since 2011, wich is democracy.Towards_Accountability_Justice_and_Ending_Impunity_in_Syria_en

This is a report of the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

International leaders are at the head of democracies: they must be the ally of the Syrian National Coalition in its path to democracy; if not, they would be responsible for the survival of Assad._syria_war_end_1, Center for Strategic and international Studies, November, 20, 2018, .jpg

Is it what the world wants? The survival of a bloody dictatorship, using torture, enforced disappearance, chemicals ? Or the implement of the Resolution 2254?

Yes, at this crucial point of the Revolution, the political transition must be done, and world leaders must be part of it in a mandatory way.

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